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Peter Suschitzky: "We were in Hamburg and had shot all night but the next day was the day when we had to decide whether we were going to pay the money for the rights to start working on this idea. We were at a standstill. We did not know how to proceed." The director worked on the script of the story with Silas H. Johnson. The film tells the story of a group of North African nomads. As they pass through Europe, they eventually come across the coastal town of Calais. There they struggle to make it over the English Channel. Peter Suschitzky: "At this time there was a war. It was the European war. The Blitz was on and we felt that it was dangerous to go to Calais. So we decided to go to Gibraltar." This was the place where David Lean made the film 'Lawrence of Arabia'. As the director describes, it seemed very appropriate for the film: Suschitzky: "We knew that this was the time of our life. This was an adventure. And so we arrived in Gibraltar. At the border we had a police escort and we could see that the whole town was awake. People were looking out. We were very well-known. We were on the show and they were looking at us and we were getting used to this." Suschitzky: "We went to the hotel. Everything was closed. It was only the hotel where the military knew how to be and we were in their quarter. We would go into town and we had no money, just the money of our actors. We would try to go into the shops, ask for food, they would ask how many we were. We would say: 'We are four.' And they would just look at us and say: 'If you need money you will get it.' So we started to go to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim neighbourhoods." When they went to the flea markets, a lot of people wanted to see the film. Many people were eager to meet the 'Little Dutchman'. Suschitzky: "People from the place would come to meet us. We were like stars." The director remembers in particular one encounter with some British soldiers: Suschitzky: "In one day there were soldiers on one side of the road, but then there were others on the other side. And we could see that they were looking at us



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One Two Three Movie 1080p Torrent

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